Swimming Pool


Our wellness area is named after Lythrum, the wonderful purple flower growing on the banks of river Avisio.

The holistic approach to the personal whishes of each Guest of our Spa created 4 main areas, where everybody can choose how to live theit own experience of wellness: swimming pool and hydromassage, Social Spa, Personal Spa and beauty farm.

The Social Spa is characterized by a close and accurate planning. It aims for the respect of the perfect programme, which consists of functional elements as heat, water and relax together with emotional elements as coloured lights, music and fragrant perfumes that give real reliefs to people. In the social spa we find: Sweet Steam bath, Sweet Sauna, our brand new bio sauna, the Kneipp foot bath, a classical Finnish sauna, the ice fall, the new warm and cold vertical Kneipp bath with chromotherapy and two relax oasis: the Salt Relax where you will be in front of the magic of the light of the rose salt wall, and the Harmonic Vibes relax where you will be surrounded by the natural sounds of the innovative naturalness of the “tavole armoniche”: harmonic sounding boards which are real works of art made of Red Fir of Fiemme Valley.

Into a cosy and intimate place, the Personal Spa offers all the pleasure of an experience of wellness that you can enjoy following your times and your own needs. This “niche of wellness” allows a personalized programme, complying with the wish of a specific moment that you can live how, when and with whom you want. In our Personal Spa, you will abandon yourself to the pleasantness of Sweet spa, the wellness bath that joins the heat of the steam bath to 4 wellness experiences with their own music, colours, showers and emotional perfumes. In addition: Harmony Jacuzzy Bath for romantic baths with your partner and Spa Table for regenerating treatments like hammam, savonage and scrub. Our staff of qualified and selected professionals will always look after you.

The pool area is made of 4 areas: our big pool (100 square metres), for aerobic activities like swimming or aqua-gym, the baby pool for children and mommies, who can relax and have fun together, the whirlpool bath for moments of real wellness and the relax zone with the ergonomic loungers to read or to rest. In addition, the Wintergarten area on the first floor will permit to peep at the winter panorama in a nice and warm place during the winter or to enjoy the garden, the sun and the fizzy air of the summer. For the bravest or for the real sauna lovers, an outdoor walk -also in winter- will naturally complete the warm-cold cycle, which is typical of the northern philosophy of wellness.

The Beauty Farm with its four massage rooms aims to offer unforgettable moments with the thoughtful kindness of our beauty operators. The personalized programmes of remise en forme, relax and beauty, using natural products and techniques will take you to the fulfilment of the wellness’ experience in our Spa. We will meet your wishews and needs through the oriental rites of Ayurveda, the local natural products of the Piroche Research, the body and face treatments of Bioline Jatò, the emotional baths, the beauty treatments, the holistic massages.

The best way to enjoy our Spa is to follow the philosophy and the advice of Spa System of Starpool: Starpool created 5 wellness programmes, based on the scientific research: ..” in order to offer you a new method to experience the Spa, to reach the wish of wellness of each user”.

Ask for one of the 4 bookmarks by the reception and foolow the best spa path for you


LYTHRUM POOL AND SPA - rules and opening times

To guarantee the best wellness experience to all our guests we kindly ask you to respect some simple rules:




Pool area: every day from 9.30am to 12.00pm and from 3.00pm to 7.30pm
Spa: every day from 3.30pm to 7.30pm
Beauty farm & Personal Spa (by appointment) every day from 09.30am to 12.00pm and from 2.30pm to 8.00pm

Kids under the age of 14 will have to leave the pool area at 5.45pm to guarantee relax and comfort also to other guests.
Our miniclub is open until 7pm and kids can have fun there.